Debunking Myths about the Islamic Faith - A Community Event

Indivisible Ramona is hosting a community presentation to debunk the myths that the Islamic faith and Muslims are intended on “destroying our Western society.” Unfortunately, some of the conservative groups in Ramona have held events with speakers that promote falsehoods and disturbing rhetoric about Islam and Muslims. This event is intended to provide factual information and answer questions.  We hope that our community members will take the time to learn the facts by attending this event.

Our guest speakers include, Father Peter Sickles of St. Mary’s of the Valley Parrish, Ramona, and representatives of the Islamic Community Center who will provide the “We Love Our Neighbors” presentation.  Please open your minds and learn so that we can be a community of tolerance and acceptance.  Let’s protect the constitutional and divine right of freedom of religion and not come from a place of condemnation based on ignorance and fear.  Everyone is welcome!  Sunday, August 26, 1 – 3 p.m. at the Ramona Community Library room.

Susan Conrad
Indivisible Ramona


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We are a grassroots, non-partisan organization comprised of Ramona residents who care about protecting the values that are fundamental to our country.  That includes challenging the policy and actions from our current administration through a truly American, democratic process. We meet monthly to learn, express, and work on various projects and committees.  We make calls, send emails/letters, attend rallies/marches, engage in community outreach, and more. The amount of activism is up to you.

If you want a to have a voice during these tumultuous times, come to a meeting - 4th Sunday/month. 12:30-2pm Ramona Library Community room.

Email Susan Conrad at for more information. You can learn more about IR by reading the Indivisible Guide

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