Commentary Writers for the Ramona Sentinel –  In this group you would write about a specific topic that you are passionate about and schedule when you plan on submitting it to the editor, Maureen Robertson:    Please note that researched information always has more credibility.  Don’t make it too long.  People usually don’t want to spend too much time reading any one article. These commentaries are an excellent way to educate the community about specific issues that affect our community/country. And, we hope to encourage Ramona folks to consider an alternative to Duncan Hunter in the 2018 midterm election.

Latino Outreach – This dynamic and diverse group is committed to providing information to our Latino community including legal rights and general support.  We hope to encourage participation in the 2018 election by providing materials in English and Spanish.

Voters Registration / Canvassing – This group is vital in flipping the 50th district and unseating Duncan Hunter.  You can work at a table registering voters and/or take the canvassing training which is not as scary as it sounds!  We really need a strong effort to register new voters and motivate people to get out and vote for the 2018 election.

Sign Brigade – We are looking for people to work in pairs at intersections in Escondido, La Mesa, El Cajon, or Ramona to connect Duncan Hunter’s support with the very bad points of Trumpcare.  2 people, 2 signs, 1 corner for about 1-2 hrs., then go have dinner or lunch.

Women’s Event – We will be hosting an event for woman only and inviting women from the Inter-mountain Republican Women’s Federation and TEA’d party. Leave the politics at the door and meet as neighbors with common interests, like parenting, careers, hobbies, etc.  It’s a bold move but we can set a tone and model unity in divisive times.

Young Adult Outreach – We need to interest our younger voters to help flip the 50th and add diversity to our membership.  We need a small but effective team to bring in the youth.

Agenda Planning & Speaker Seekers – This group is in tune with the news cycle and the hot topic issues facing our district and nation.  They come up with ideas for our meetings and contact speakers that will help motivate and educate our members.

Sign Makers  – Use your artistic, expressive talents to make signs for various marches.

Party Hosts – It’s wonderful to be able to offer a home for sign making, postcard writing, etc.

Contact Susan Conrad for more information or to join up — at: