What is the goal of Indivisible Ramona?

IR follows the Indivisible Guide which can be found at indivisibleguide.com.  The overarching goal is to flip Congress at the midterm elections in 2018. We are very focused on unseating Duncan Hunter, our Republican Congressman, who is a staunch supporter of Trump. We are also very committed to protecting and preserving the American values that make our country great: Immigration Rights, Human Rights and Equality, Protecting the Environment, Education Equity, and Medical Coverage for all.

How does IR work locally?

We want to work with, not against, our community by setting a positive tone with a decisive, not divisive voice. Our commentaries, events, and community outreach are intended to educate and inform.

How much time is expected of me?

Your involvement is completely up to you.  Some people make phone calls, tweet, send an email, while others are more involved.  Any effort makes a difference.